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Sunday, June 10, 2007

I'm back among the (almost) healthy!

I am feeling much better after a rather rocky week last week from the flu bug or whatever it was, that left me feeling really poorly. I felt so bad on Saturday morning that I took myself to an Urgent Care thinking that maybe I had strep throat. The Doc in the Box didn't think I had strep but did think I have a sinus infection and that was the source of my extreme sore throat. So, antibiotics for 10 days to treat the infection and maybe then I'll be well.

My trip to the Urgent Care wasn't the only medical visit for the family this weekend though. Almost like Sister Mel's family, we made a second trip, this time to the Emergency Room on Saturday night for the spouse. She had a bloody nose that had begun in the early hours of Saturday morning, continued to be a bother off and on all day and then became a non-stop flow while we watched a movie on tv. She had a gusher going that simply would not be stopped with home treatment, so we headed out to the ER.

The BSU got good care and pretty promptly, though it seemed like we were there a long time. The Doc finally had to cauterize the bleeding spots in her nose with silver nitrate after a decent period of pressure packing and some numbing medication. Today she's much better and hasn't had a single nosebleed all day, a rare ocurrence for her.

Friday I felt well enough to spend a few hours in the driveway replacing the front brake pads and rotors on the truck. That was only the second set of pads for the truck, with 144,000 miles on it now and the first rotor replacement. Can I tell you how heavy the wheels and tires, the rotors, calipers and mounts are for a F250 truck? That stuff is all really heavy! I was a bit too worn out by the time that project was completed.

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